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About Us

We have been engaged in export business since 2010, and our team members have more than 10 years of export experience.

We have professional service teams and perfect sales processes. We promise to receive the goods from the customer to the customer. The whole process allows customers to be 100 % assured! Professional technical quality inspectors inspect the products ordered the products ordered by customers. From production, car loading, ports and ship loading, to destination ports, they all carefully track the whole process to ensure that customers receive satisfactory products. Customer satisfaction is the greatest recognition of us!

The main products operated by the company include: Textilene mesh fabric, Textilene mesh placemat, Textilene outdoor fabric, Fiberglass mosquito net, etc. At present, there are more than 15 countries exported by the company, including America, Australia, France, Italy, Greece, South Africa, Dubai, Japan, Vietnam, etc.

We adhere to the mission of “creating value for customers, seeking benefits for employees, and creating wealth for society”, and we adhere to the core values of “integrity communication, efficient work, excellent service”.

We will unite and cooperate, work together to create an excellent trustworthy Chinese brand, adhere to the development of innovation, sustainable development, and build the company into a harmonious and happy enterprise.

At home, the world is neighbor. May our website be a bridge we know each other. Tianjin Angel Foreign Trade Co., LTD. sincerely look forward to the exchange and cooperation of friends at home and abroad to seek development together.

More than 10 years of experience in export business.

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Legal Entity: Simon Xi
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Province: TianJin
Country: China
Certification: Reach EU Environmental Standards

Riva Xu (Sales Manager)

She has engaged in international trade-related work for more than ten years and has extensive expertise in exporting. She is very familiar with the performance, price and application of the products.

Simon Xi (Quality director)

He has strict requirements on product quality control. Ensure that the product supplied to the customer can fully meet the customer's requirements. Because of him, the quality of our products has always been praised by customers.​