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International trade show gaining trust of buyers from abroad

The semiannual China Import and Export Fair, also known as the Canton Fair, gathers buyers and exhibitors from all over the world in Guangzhou, South China’s Guangdong province.
Featuring different skin colors and diverse languages, people greet each other with a smile or a nod at the Canton Fair. Some will even show their Canton Fair badges and say: “Yes, I come here for it”.
Gu Hongru, a reporter covering the Canton Fair, said that he has made many new friends during the exhibition. Also, he can easily gain the approval of overseas participants for interviews, as the interviewees extend their faith in the Canton Fair to reporters, Gu said.
At an airport, Gu met a Filipino buyer Asthoeas Hatao. Due to the heavy rainfall, Hatao’s trip to the Canton Fair was full of twists and turns. He has canceled and re-booked flights for several times, and transited via six or seven countries and cities with two large and heavy suitcases filled with samples.
In the Philippines, an increasing number of companies have started to conduct foreign trade businesses with China. Hatao has realized that the most effective way to gain market competitiveness is to have the latest Chinese products.
He believes the Canton Fair is the most convenient channel to reach the goal. “Firm steps toward the Canton Fair” is what Hatao wrote in an email to his team members to encouraged them to join the fair.
Tau Zhuni from Uzbekistan attended the Canton Fair for the first time this year. Gu met him at the news center in the fair’s exhibition venue. Zhuni likes the official posters of the fair outside the news center, and has shot some short videos to post on social media platforms.
He has uploaded over 20 short videos of the Canton Fair, and each has been viewed for more than 300,000 times.
“Many people looking to do business with China have found me on social media platforms. Perhaps this trip would make me a popular internet celebrity,” he noted.
The 135th Canton Fair provides an exhibition that spans an area of 1.55 million square meters, and has received nearly 250,000 overseas buyers.
Watching the crowded hallways of the exhibition venue, Gu has been pondering a question: what is the charm of the Canton Fair?
During his 10-day interviews, Gu said he found the answer in the stories of exhibitors from various industries. The charm of the Canton Fair lies in the brand-building efforts of textile companies, the innovative approaches of newcomers for going abroad, and the “green dreams” of environmental protection enterprises, he noted.



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