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Textile companies win wide acclamation among overseas buyers for new tech, eco-friendly fabric

At the ongoing third phase of the 135th Canton Fair, Chinese textile companies are showcasing green and innovative threads, weaving exquisite satin fabrics and highlighting China’s textile industrial prowess.

Shandong Xingyu gloves company stands out as the star company at the fair, showcasing how grains and straw can be transformed into fabric materials.

“Our main focus at this session of the Canton Fair is on environmental sustainability,” said the booth manager of Xingyu. The company is presenting biodegradable gloves made from renewable materials like grains, legumes, straw and bamboo powder.

“These products meet environmental requirements in multiple countries and have garnered attention from new customers, securing several orders during the fair,” the manager said.

The company is a regular exhibitor at this session’s Canton Fair, with booths set up across all three phases, featuring a wide range of new products.

As of May 3, the company received more than 500 clients and secured on-site orders exceeding $1.5 million.

“At this session of fair, we have seen a notable rise in purchasers from ‘Belt and Road’ countries, RCEP members and other emerging markets, as well as from traditional markets like the United Stats, Europe and Brazil. This expansion into new markets ensures a promising growth in exports for us this year,” the manager said.

HOdo Group has also invested heavily in researching and developing environmentally friendly fabrics, following environmental trends in European and American markets.

Their new recycled fiber fabrics, along with cooling, wrinkle-resistant and waterproof fabrics, have gained recognition from brands like ZARA and H&M. Since the start of the third phase of the fair, the company has seen a steady stream of new and returning customers.

In recent years, HOdo Group has established clothing production bases in Cambodia, Myanmar and other regions as part of its global market expansion efforts.

The booth manager of Changxing Jinfang said: “Our spotlight is on the new cooling, ion-dyed home textile fabric, which undergoes processes like brushing, ion-dye washing, pre-shrinking and cooling treatment. It features dual colors, cooling properties and super softness, winning praise from many overseas purchasers.”

Since the third phase of the fair, the company has received dozens of purchasers daily, with intended orders totaling around $800,000.

Through increased independent R&D, digitization, overseas certifications and trademark registrations, the company has obtained qualifications and certifications from the US, EU and other regions. The company has also participated in drafting and formulating multiple industry standards.

Proactive innovation has enhanced the competitiveness of many textile companies. Changxing Hualong invests annually in developing new products to meet diverse market demands. Their improvements in plain weave fabric and development of crepe fabric with wrinkle-resistant properties have garnered positive market feedback.

The company’s new exhibited products have surprised many new customers. Within the first two days of the third phase of the fair, they received more than 50 business cards from overseas purchasers, resulting in intended orders of around $200,000.

During the first two days of the fair, Changxing Liwei attracted nearly 200 visitors from 15 countries, including Poland, generating intended orders worth $1.2 million.

Liwei focuses on differentiated development, innovating in fancy yarns, plush fabrics and functional materials, while also emphasizing product quality and implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning management system in its production workshop.

In the sock product segment, many companies have succeeded in transforming and developing through innovation.

Zhejiang Senweite is showcasing a diverse range of socks at the fair, with compression socks being particularly popular. The company developed vein compression socks since 2013 and received a new order for 10,000 pairs from an India purchaser on the first day of the third phase of the Canton Fair.

Yiwu Saier Knitting Co credits its market success to both innovation and enhanced customer service.

“In the first two days of the third phase of the fair, we have had eight new clients from Europe and America schedule factory visits, with three making on-site deposits, totaling approximately $600,000,” said the booth representative.

To ensure cost-effectiveness, the company integrates the upstream supply chain, further cutting manufacturing costs.


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