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Teslin mesh fabric widely used for outdoor furniture and tableware industry

Teslin mesh fabric, because of its own characteristics, I call it “heterogeneous” in the fabric industry.

Teslin fabric is simply one of the main helpers to reduce the burden on human beings!

Oil-resistant, water-resistant, high-temperature resistant, non-toxic, plus good stain resistance and printability, it can not only ensure the cleanliness of the fabric, but also don’t have to worry about color fading!

teslin placemats, tablecloths

Good heat dissipation, wear resistance, UV protection, high tensile strength, not easy to deform, and smooth surface of the fabric, the outdoor leisure furniture made from this is simply not too durable!

– beach chairs, beach beds, beach mats

High-strength tensile force is not easy to deform, good heat dissipation ensures breathable effect, smooth surface, small gaps and “micro-elasticity” of the fabric itself, which make them!

– Office chairs, lounge chairs, hammocks

Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, UV protection, good heat dissipation, good stain resistance, etc. effectively prolong their service life!

– picnic mats, woven rugs

Teslin fabric is widely used in various industries because of these high-quality features. Other products such as gazebos, sunshade curtains, car tarpaulins, safety fences, etc. can be made with it.

It is have reason that it is used as one of the main materials for outdoor products! Teslin fabric is used for outdoor products such as pavilions, which makes the overall material lighter and effectively prolongs the service life of the product. The functionality that is not easily deformed also ensures the overall appearance of the product!

Using Teslin mesh fabric as a tarpaulin, the air permeability ensures that the gazebo can be used all year round, and the good stain resistance makes it easy to maintain the gazebo!

Ordinary camping tarpaulins are not breathable, not easy to clean, and have average corrosion resistance. Secondary processing is required to achieve certain waterproof and UV protection effects. It costs very high to buy and it is expensive.

Due to its small pores, Teslin mesh fabric has a certain natural water seepage effect, which ensures the safety of gazebos and other outdoor products, and will not cause safety accidents due to backlog of water stains.

In the current fast -paced life situation,What you need to do is to take advantage of the quiet time, go for a picnic, sunbathe, enjoy, and feel the fresh air. If you put on a gazebo at home, you can also enjoy outdoor leisure life!


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